Programming Tool For NXP Semiconductors

Flash Magic

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Some feedback we have received regarding Flash Magic. If you would like to add a comment here please let us know.

"Flash Magic is a pretty slick little tool!"
Phil Metcalf, iTouch Communications

"Flash Magic is the coolest thing ever"
Dennis Benade, The Software Foundry

"Thank you for your most awesome software! Programming @ 56K on my desktop is the best thing since sliced bread"
Brian Michaud, ESI Electronic Products, Corp.

"It's so much better than the previous WINISP version. It's more user friendly, allows you to erase, program, and verify in one step. It also permits faster baud rates. Best of all, it re-programs the Boot Vector and Status word automatically."
Rick Brown, Teletrol Systems Inc.

"Flash Magic kicks some MAJOR ass!!"
T. Lawrence Walker, Technical Expert.